You Shall Know The Truth - Paperback (includes digital version)

Ben Woodward
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What do you really believe about God? Do you believe He is distant, detached and uncaring or do you believe He is good, kind and near? You are in a spiritual war and what you believe about God will ultimately determine the way you live. Thankfully, you have been given some weapons to help you win this war. Using those weapons, however, will mean changing the way you think and learning how to pray the way Jesus did.

Are you ready to engage in the fight?

Discover the forgotten prayer tools of Adoration and Proclamation prayer and find in them the power to move mountains and change your future.

You Shall Know the Truth – The Power of Adoration and Proclamation Prayer is consistently referred to by readers a “life-changing book”. The book dives deep into the theology behind effective prayer and develops practical tools that help you discover why Adoration and Proclamation prayer is so powerful. You will be encouraged, equipped and challenged as you read this paradigm shifting book.

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  • Paperback and Digital E-book

  • Paperback and Digital E-book
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You Shall Know The Truth - Paperback (includes digital version)

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