Adoration and Proclamation Prayerbook (digital version)

Ben Woodward
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Do you want a breakthrough in your relationship with Jesus?

Do you want a powerful prayer life?

Do you want to live every day in hope?

Discover the forgotten prayer tools of adoration and proclamation and find the power to move mountains and change the course of your future.

Discover the truth and let it change your life!

Adoration Prayer

Pray through the character attributes of God and fall in love with Jesus!

Proclamation Prayer

Declare God's character over your circumstances and be amazed as things change!

This prayer book is designed to be used in conjunction with

"You Shall Know The Truth - The Power of Adoration and Proclamation Prayer"

by Ben Woodward also available now!

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  • E-book
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Adoration and Proclamation Prayerbook (digital version)

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